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President & CEO

Renato Skerlj, PhD

Senior VP, Research

Valerie Cullen, PhD

Senior VP, Drug Discovery

Mark Ledeboer, PhD

VP, Finance & Business Operations

Jennifer Visco, CPA

Senior Director, Structural Biology

Peter Connolly, PhD

VP, Computational Chemistry

Andrew Good, PhD

Director, Research/Site Head

Suzanne Rzuczek, PhD

Senior Director, Human Resources

JR Evans

Senior VP, Business Development

Sudhir Rao, MBA, MS

Senior Director, Program Management

Kevin Li, MPH

Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry

Tiansheng Wang, PhD

Expansion Leadership

We believe that the development of small molecule drugs that modulate RNA will dramatically  change patient outcomes for diseases where treatment options for patients are currently limited

RNA and the World of Small Molecules

Expansion Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development company pursuing the vast potential of small molecule medicines for RNA-mediated diseases

We are a team in relentless pursuit of game changing solutions in human health 

Our team's work is founded upon leading research emerging from Scripps Research

Our management team has deep experience in bringing life-changing drugs from bench to clinic and ultimately to market

Drug Hunters

Success Record

Inspired Research

Sai Velagapudi, PhD

Principal Scientist

Nicole DeLorenzo, BS

Sr. Research Associate

Michelle Arsenault, BS

Sr. Research Associate

Kamal Vishnu, MS


Treleasha Simmons, BS

Research Associate II

Jason Ilardo

Research Associate I

Alicia Angelbello, PhD

Senior Scientist I

Helen Crehan, PhD

Principal Scientist

Van Ha, MS

Associate Scientist

LN Vogeti, PhD

Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Brandon Bermudez, MS

Research Associate I

Jared Baisden, PhD


Virginia Smith, PhD

Senior Scientist I

Daniela Saldias, BS

Research Associate I

Shrikant Sharma, PhD

Senior Scientist I

Dalton Schmidt, BS

Laboratory Operations Associate

Toni-Ann Martorano, MS

Research Associate I

Sarah Crill, BS

Research Associate I

Sierra Hamernick, BS

Research Associate I

Julia Bittencourt, MS

Research Associate II

John Pettingill, MS

Research Associate I

Sandra Mueller

Associate Director, Operations

John Salvucci, BS

Research Associate I

Tatu Rojalin, PhD

Senior Scientist I

Sam Litovsky, BS

Scientist, In Vivo

Daniella Rios Martinez, MS

Research Associate I

Cameron Clelland

Assistant Controller

Imelda Sollomoni, BS

Senior Scientist II

Aleta Cebere, PhD

Principal Scientist

...and the many Expanding the vision to cure mRNA mediated diseases.  

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

Scott M. Rocklage, PhD

Board Chairman

Andy Phillips, PhD

Board Director

Beth Seidenberg, MD

Board Director

Renato Skerlj, PhD

Board Director

Laura Tadvalkar, PhD

Board Director

Gary J. Bridger, PhD

Board Director

Raymond Kelleher, MD, PhD

Board Director

Matthew Disney, PhD

Scientific Founder, Scientific Advisory Board Chair,
Professor, Scripps Research

Robert T. Batey, PhD

Professor, University of Colorado

M.G. Finn, PhD

Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Lynne E. Maquat, PhD

Chair and Professor, University of Rochester


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