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Suzanne Rzuczek, PhD

Suzanne Rzuczek, PhD

Director, Research/Site Head

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Suzanne Rzuczek, PharmD. Ph.D., joined Expansion Therapeutics in January 2018 as a Senior Scientist and is currently an Associate Scientific Director at the Jupiter location.  Dr. Rzuczek received her PharmD. and her Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from Rutgers University.  Her doctoral research focused on the synthesis of natural product-like G-quadruplex stabilizers as anticancer agents.  Dr. Rzuczek conducted her postdoctoral research with Professor Matthew Disney at The Scripps Research Institute where she used chemical probes to target toxic RNA repeat expansions.  She was also awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation to support her ground-breaking research in the DM1 field.

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