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Peter Connolly, PhD

Peter Connolly, PhD

VP, Structural Biology

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Peter Connolly, Ph.D., joined Expansion Therapeutics in April of 2021 as the Senior Director of Structural Biology.  He previously served as a Research Fellow in the Structural Biology group at Vertex Pharmaceuticals where he worked on fragment screening and the structural characterization of a variety of drug targets including membrane and intrinsically disordered proteins.  Prior to that, he held the position of Principal Scientist at UCB Pharma where he initiated efforts in fragment screening and structural biology using NMR spectroscopy.  He began his career at The Rowland Institute for Science (now the Rowland Institute at Harvard) where his research interests included the structure and dynamics of proteins, molecular simulation, and NMR methods development. Dr Connolly holds a Ph.D. and BS in Chemistry from Boston College, focused on physical inorganic chemistry.

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