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SMiRNA™ Up Close

RNA structures drive disease that can be targetable by orally available small molecules

  • We define druggable RNA structures by using knowledge of genetics and evolution

  • We utilize proprietary tools to small molecule libraries, Chem-CLIP, NMR /docking /computational tools “RNA specific medicinal chemistry) efficiently identify drug-like small molecules that bind and modulate these structures.

  • We solve three-dimensional structures of small molecule-RNA complexes to enable efficient optimization of lead medicines

  • We leverage RNA-specific medicinal chemistry to develop potent and specific compounds.

  • We develop target specific biochemical assays and analysis in patient-derived cells

  • Lead compounds are optimized in pre-clinical models to deliver orally bioavailable medicines to treat the whole patient

What is SMiRNA™?

Study proprietary library of RNA focused drug-like molecules for binding to disease-driving RNA structures

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