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Transformative Oral Medicines for Severe RNA-Mediated Diseases

Small molecules, big difference

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Expansion Therapeutics is pioneering tranformative oral treatments for three major neurological diseases: Myotonic Dystrophy, ALS and Alzheimer's.

450 Million People Worldwide

Neurological diseases affect

The RNA World of SMiRNA™

Expansion Therapeutics scientific founder Matthew Disney, PhD describes breakthrough discoveries in allowing small molecules to interact with RNA (SMiRNA™)

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The Journey Starts Here

Your life has been impacted by one of the debilitating neurological diseases and already know plenty by experience and by a relentless pursuit for answers. Or your condition is a recent onset of disease and you don't know where to begin.  We believe it's our job to join you in your quest by participating with our shared  community. Listening in on the critical conversations  taking place is as important as the research we are conducting.  Together we can be relevant and effective on this journey.

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Neurological disease FAQs

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Nerological disease - a day in the life;  Coping with your condition

Helping someone with ALS

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Expansion Therapeutics gives all of us who suffer from neurological diseases an advocacy and activist platform to forward this much needed research.  Learning alongside the Expansion team in their quest for meaningful answers will help us all.    


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Joan Fredricks

—  ALS patient and advocate

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